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Announcing our upcomming product. LiberMate will be made available as a web service LiberMate is MATLAB®/Octave to Python translator designed to simplify conversion of software from MATLAB® to Python. Unlike most code generators or translators designed to provide accuracy using one-to-one mapping of language constructs. In the process creating code that accurate, but difficult to read and entirely unmaintainable, LiberMate takes a different approach. It proritizes readability over one-to-one accuracy. Because of the differences in the function calling, argument passing, array indexing, and object oriented , one-to-one mapping would require an extensive compatibilty layer and complex restructuring to handle all of the possible what if behavior. But that would not true be Python just a simulation and "machine" language on top of Python. LiberMate its designed to take your MATLAB® or GNU Octave code and allow you transition it easily to Python. You want it to look and feel as if its still your code. The flow of the code conditionals, loops and exceptions should match along with the data types. Additionally the comments included in the original code are also converted. So how does it work? type inference and guessing, Besides the built-in python data types and function, the generated code relies on a few open source libraries to provide additional capability one expects from a computational mathematics package. These include Scipy and Numpy which provide the basic vector/matrix/tensor data types and a majority of mathemetic and scientific functions, and matplotlib which provides a feature rich plotting cabability closely resembling MATLAB®.

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